My story began over 30 years ago with my first job the summer before I started high school in a resort town in California. It was ice cream. No matter what I've done since then, I always look back on my first job during that summer as my favorite. Since then, I married, traveling from military base to military base and hitting more states than you can imagine. I always planned on opening an ice cream shop, SOMEDAY. After raising 4 children and retiring the careers that drove our lives, I finally settled on TODAY. 

I realized that 'someday' would always be out of reach unless I started living in the present, so I took the leap and can't imagine looking back. There's nothing better than eating a creamy, cold ice cream on a hot summer day, and there is no better place to enjoy it than in Historic Lake George. 

After much research (it was a tough job), I selected the best ice cream available handcrafted in small 5 gallon batches with locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. There is nothing better around.

We spend our days creating the most unique desserts and unbelievable concoctions, some defy gravity...but all are delicious. We never stop thinking of ways to make every dessert better.  If you can think it, we can make it! 

Come see us when you're in town and experience the best in ice cream indulgence!


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